Ground Longhorn Tacos with Honey-Glazed Peppers

I tend to make tacos at least once a week and somehow Sunday is always one of those days. This Sunday I made a conscious effort to not make them for lunch after… Continue reading

PB&J-ish Oatmeal

I say PB&Jish because, well, I used almond butter and AB&J doesn’t really bring back any memories, does it? Also, there is a lot of flexibility in this recipe and you can use… Continue reading

Shredded Veggie and Hazelnut Warm Salad

In Ayurveda, certain doshas are advised to avoid raw foods because they are too aggravating or harsh for digestion. One of the recommendations is to eat warm salads instead of cold, crisp salads.… Continue reading

Current Cravings . 6

Lately, I have really been wanting to have a dinner party or two. In fact, one of the things on my year’s to-do list is to start a Sunday Supper Club… who’s with… Continue reading

Weekend Snapshots

My weekend was equally restful and busy… here are some pictures to tell its story. Most Saturday mornings, I head to the downtown Farmers’ Market to see with my friend who owns True… Continue reading

Springtime + Green Garlic

Y’all, spring crept up on me! The weather has been so unpredictable here in Austin that I didn’t even realize it was officially spring until a blogger posted about it. So, now I’m… Continue reading