From the Archives: My Summer – According to Instagram

I can’t believe it’s almost November… here I am still looking at drafts of posts that were intended for September! But life happens and time frequently gets away from me like that. I hate to delete such a complete post… so, even though it’s a little late to be sharing a summer time post (2 months, to be exact)… It’s happening.


June – I think summer officially started with my trip to California with Mama to visit Brother and Alex. I ended June with a weekend at Home celebrating a cousin’s birthday. Oh and I went to a family reunion at the beach, and moved houses somewhere in there.


July – Parents visited me in Austin, a family reunion in upstate New York, road-tripping house guests, a weekend at Home, and another trip to California for Brother’s birthday.


August – Weeks on weeks of house-sitting, a lovely vacation to Scotland and England with Roommate, and my first wedding cake to wrap it all up!


I woke up this morning and took a nice walk to a coffee shop tucked away behind a book store a few blocks away. On my walk, I think it finally hit me that it’s fall. No more summer. My life tends to follow different patterns depending on the season. Summer is always a time for travel, especially with my family spread out all over the place. Fall and winter are seasons of settling down and digging into work. This transition from summer to fall has been especially long and hard for many reasons. So, it felt good to feel the change finally settle in and have my heart and mind be on the same page, even if it was just for the 15 minute walk to the coffee shop. So I’m taking this moment to take one last look at summer and then look forward for all that God has planned for the coming days, weeks, and months.

Happy Monday, y’all.